Standardization is critical to implementing successful enterprise-scale multimedia installation and maintenance. Mark Peterson is recognized for establishing some of the most effective standardization processes for global multimedia applications in the industry. Read his LinkedIn endorsements from industry experts and ICIA instructors confirming his contribution. Standardization makes budgeting and installation estimates more reliable, reduces design costs because the architectural and engineering designs are repeated for each project.

  • System
    • Schematics, riser diagrams and rack builds all based around standard room types
    • Control system designed to support multiple system types using a single version of code
    • Audio site files for DSP programming that reduces complexity and installation interpretation
  • Facilities
    • Architectural templates for standard room types
    • Standardized lighting designs, reflected ceiling plans and electrical plans
    • Boilerplate mounting and installation detail
    • Common symbol set
  • Documentation
    • Functional narratives and up-front design scope 
    • Detailed architectural and facility specifications, including
      • Acoustic specifications that don't stop at minimum NC levels 
      • Light level specifications that includes fixture layouts based on room size
    • Audio gain staging process that includes reference sources
  • Through and highly effective testing and acceptance processes that can be delegated to 3rd parties to implement anywhere in the world